Wiki for Business

July 23, 2008

I have long been a believer in the power of wikis at work in the business world.  bMighty had a great article recently on this with some brief case studies to show some of the benefits.  First of all, we’ll start with one great benefit a wiki has….it’s not e-mail.  The more I use email the more I realize how useless a tool it really is for anything except simple, quick, communication.  Any email that contains more than just a simple message contains knowledge that can be useful to useful to others.  A much better place for collaboration and sharing knowledge is in a tool like a wiki or maybe a slightly more sophisticated content management system.

My company currently uses a CMS for just such a thing (though we’re pushing the limits of the current architecture).  The support team shares current projects and issues so the rest of the team can see them.  The sales team shares some best practices and notes on how our product compares against some of the competition to help each other better directly compete with those competitors.  The IT department publishes policies and procedures as well as some simple help and how-to guides.  And our system is relatively new so I’m sure we’ll start using it in even more ways in the coming years.

Do any of you use wikis in your small business?  What kind of successes have you seen?  What sort of issues have you faced?