Seven Things IT Should be Doing

I came across a very interesting article in PC World about the Seven Things IT Should be Doing but Isn’t.  It points out some good places that IT managers should be focusing.  All in all, I think it makes some very good points.  I do think it appears to emphasize a few items of lesser importance more than a few of the more important items.

For example, the most important item on the list, which they have at number 7, is having a financial understanding of the business.  It is very important that an IT manager understand how the company you work for makes money and how IT can affect the bottom line.  It seemed to me that they spent more time talking about things like applying web 2.0 to internal applications.  I’m not sure how much I agree with that one.  Maybe making new sites have some web 2.0 functionality or doing something like setting up new internal sites like knowledge management sites or “semi” social networking sites for internal use, but I really don’t think it’s worth the money to re-write an existing application that is functioning perfectly well just to give it a web 2.0 feel.  If that fact is going to cause an employee to leave, they weren’t a very dedicated employee anyway and you’re probably better off without them.


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