Are you innovative enough?

I stumbled across an article this morning pointing out something brought up by Linus Torvalds.  I know many companies are always trying to be “innovative” and come up with the next big idea.  Linus, however, makes a very good point that this is really the wrong focus to have.  Anyone can come up with a good idea.  The hard work is delivering it and executing on the idea.  If you’ve attended any sort of entrepreneurship training classes you probably know this as they usually (and they should) stress the fact that it is not the idea or product that makes a company successful, it’s the ability to successfully and efficiently deliver that product to the customers.  Thousands of “innovative ideas” fail all the time.  So, if you’re out there searching around for an “innovative” idea…maybe you should spend more time focusing on the ability to execute and plan…innovative ideas are a dime a dozen.


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