The Internet Home and Forensics

Alright, I’m suffering from a bit of a brain drain this Wednesday so time for a fun and interesting post a little off topic.  Still a security post, but not really related to business as I try to keep it.  As you can tell from my blog links on the side, on of the blogs I regularly keep an eye on is the Cracked, inSecure, and Generally Broken blog.  A while back he had a post about his Jura F90 Coffee maker and how it could be hacked.  This then led to a further post about Java Forensics.  In this post, Craig talks about how the information stored in the coffee maker could be of use for forensics analysis.  I think this is a very interesting topic and something we are very likely to see more about as more and more devices in the common household become “smarter”.  The personal computer is already a prime source of information for investigators.  I can’t tell you how many times recently I’ve been watching somthing like 48 Hours and the prosecutor brings up the fact that the individual on trial for murder had recently been searching the web for topics such as “how to kill your husband”.  So I think it will be interesting to see what other devices in our homes start telling our secrets in the years to come.


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