Best IT Jobs

I came across this article this morning about the best IT jobs that can be fairly safe from outsourcing.  It reaffirms a belief I’ve held for the past couple of years about the future of IT.  Strict coding jobs are definitely a very good candidate for outsourcing, so maybe not quite that safe of a long term career plan.  As much as it pains me to say that because I love coding.  However, in all honestly, just about anyone can code.  Yes, you will definitely get a wide variety of quality of code, but it is definitely the easiest part of the process to outsource.  So what jobs in IT are safe?

Many, many articles have been written recently about the growing strategic role that IT plays in business…especially large businesses.  IT is no longer expected to just sit back and wait for projects to come to them and do what they are told.  They are expected to find ways in which they can strategically apply technology to help the company reach it’s goals.  So, the individuals that can do this are the ones that are going to bring the most value to a company and be the least likely to be outsourced.  So the architects, business analysts, and people with strong design skills are pretty safe positions.

In my opinion, the IT field as a whole is still a great field to go into.  There are many different aspects of the job and you can easily get a wide variety of things to work on.  Not to mention that the pay is pretty good as well.  But, with the outsourcing scare, it is a bit on the competitive side.  So, what is my advice to anyone in the IT field that worries about their job getting outsourced?  Get to know the business.  Become very familiar with exactly what it is your company does from an operational stand point but also business practices in general.  I definitely think there is a growing demand for someone (like myself) with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA as well.  But even if you don’t want to go through the work of getting an MBA, at least get familiar with your company’s business.  Look for inefficient processes that you think technology could improve and start making suggestions.  Most importantly, don’t get discouraged if your suggestions are shot down, just look for more.  Companies will really value this initiative and your knowledge of the business.


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