License Audits on the Rise

Okay, so fresh back from a long holiday weekend and my brain isn’t quite up to speed yet, so today’s post is going to be a short follow-up to my recent post on License and Patch Management.  According to this article, software license audits are on the rise partly due to an increase in the use of open source.  Vendors are trying to squeeze more money from current clients so they are verifying the license agreements are actually being followed.  It points out that a good strategy to plan for this, as well as likely lower your current costs by eliminating some excess licensing, includes the following steps…

  • Meter – Accurately count the number of deployed licenses to reconcile against license entitlement.
  • Adjust – Continuously reduce the number of licenses deployed.
  • Standardize – Diminish software-version and vendor inconsistencies.
  • Monitor – Actively police non approved software to enable fast remediation.

The system I mentioned in my previous post, the KBOX 1000 from Kace, can definitely help with all of this.  It can do metering and monitoring to help you out.  Probably the best advice in this article, in my opinion, would be the standardization.  Once you are monitoring the software installed on all of your managed computers, you can find out if users are using two separate pieces of software from different companies under difference licenses to do the same thing.  Likely, picking a standard solution in these cases and getting bulk license can save you a good 5-10%.  I would also encourage you to research some open source alternatives to software you are currently paying for.  We are actively trying to replace Microsoft Office with OpenOffice as much as possible and are having quite a bit of success with it.


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